French Bronze Pediment

$ 65.00

French Bronze Furniture Pediment. Bronze Shell and Rose Ornament. Swag Numbered and Stamped
Antique French bronze furniture pediment.
Bronze Shell and Rose Ornaments.
Numbered and Stamped - Signed.

Romantic antique bronze furniture ornament that has a central motif of a scalloped sea shell, scrolls, roses, small floral touches and finishes in leaves.

CONDITION : In good condition over all with no scratches to impede the presentation.
Broken Edges: There is damage or alteration on both ends of the pediment. It looks as if the ends were intentionally broken off or cut off to shorten the total length of the item.
Not really sure why any one would do this but they did.

There are a few signs of age with some tarnish but it isn't much and over all the item is in good shape. Mainly just old accumulated dirt which is to be expected and of course the shaved edges to shorten the length of the pediment.

We have not polished the item because not everyone wants their antique items polished. We will leave this to the new owners to decide.

DIMENSIONS : Length 14 inches x Height 5 inches

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