Turkish Towels, Gorgeous, Large Beach Towels, Spa Towels

$ 58.00

These are the most incredibly gorgeous Towels we could find.
These are of the finest quality, large size, 100% Cotton
Bath, Spa, Beach Towels
These Gorgeous towels are made of 100% premium Turkish cotton, originally from the Aegean region.
Towels from the Aegen region have extra long fibers.
Each of the towels are handmade & sent with love from beautiful Isabel in Istanbul.
Dimensions in cm 180 x 100 cm.
Dimensions in feet: 3.33 ft x 5.85 ft
Dimension in inches: 40 inches wide x 72 inches long
Multiple Colors Available: Turquoise Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange & Navy Blue.
Weight: 280 grams.
  • Hand knotted fringes.
  • High absorption of water and quick drying.
  • Strong. Superior quality. These towels are very durable and respond perfectly to frequent washing.
  • Easy care, lightweight and versatile,
Hither & Yon Estate is so pleased to introduce these fantastically plush Turkish Towels to our clients.
  • They are extremely high quality and will be perfect any outdoor activity.
  • These towels make a fantastic gift for virtually any occasion.
  • We recommend that you wash the towels before use. Washing your Turkish towels before using them will ensure they are wonderfully soft and the washing improves absorbency.
  • These beautiful Turkish towels are so special. They really do deserve a little extra care because you will enjoy them so much and they will wrap you and those you love in soft luxury for years to come. 
These are the finest turkish towels we could find.
We feel that there are none more beautiful or of better value than these gorgeous towels.
Over Sized Turkish Towels

72 Inches Long x 40 Inches Wide

Handmade ~ Hand loomed and hand woven 100% Cotton Linens

Machine wash, machine dry or hang dry.

The quality of these towels is absolutely stunning.

Once You Feel the Exclusive Quality of These Turkish Towels & Experience The Softness of this Turkish Cotton Towel You Will Wonder How You Ever Got Along With Out Them.

Great companion for your beach bag as well as your bath for hot summer days.

Made from 100% Turkish Cotton

Turquoise & White wide stripes

Navy Blue & White wide stripes

Pink & White wide stripes

Orange & White wide stripes

Dark Purple, Lavender & White wide stripes

Green & White wide stripes

Dimensions: 72" L x 40" W (approximately 200 cm x 100 cm)

Peshtemal is the name of the traditional Turkish towel, and they have been used in the Turkish Hammam baths for centuries. Using 100% pure Turkish grown cotton and centuries of traditional hand weaving techniques, Isabel & her husband have produced this exclusive, all natural product which cleverly combines their rich history and modern living in a single colourful item.

We think our Peshtemal towels really are the single most exceptional Turkish Towels available.

Peshtemals are a handcrafted and eco-friendly alternative to Terry towels.

They absorb water better than terry towels
They are dry much faster than terry cloth.
They take up a less space
They are easy to carry and can be used as an alternative to the standard terry cloth towels normally used in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches and in the gym.

These gorgeous towels make an excellent spa companion serving as a towel or wrap and an after shower, or massage, cover-up.

Some clients even wear them as a pareo or sarong, and they are an amazing gift for any man or woman!

Why not take aPeshtemal when travelling, they look elegant as a trendy beach towel and make a very practical towel for backpacking and boating because they take up very little space.

You can use our Peshtemal in home textiles - for uses such as table cloths, seat covers and throws etc

Also use them in the bathroom, in your kitchen or as a decoration on a wall or table.

They make great baby blankets.

We feel that once you use a Peshtemal, you will never use Terry towel again!


*Please wash before first use - a gentle wash with cold water in machine or hand wash makes the Peshtemal more absorbent and also softens the fabric in a remarkable way.

**Due to the hand made nature of these products there will often be VERY slight imperfections in the material. Please do not worry, this is perfectly normal.

***Actual colors may slighly differ from screen to screen because of different settings of computer screens. Also there could be small tone differences due to dyeing different batches of yarns.

Thank You Very Much for Taking Your Time and Reading.

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