Sundancer Kimono Floral & Crochet Trim

$ 24.00

SunDancer Kimono
Knock Out Gorgeous Summer Kimono
This Gorgeous Kimono is Perfect for Summer.
We love the fringe detail at the hem. It is one of the fav cover ups of the season.
We look at all the lines and possible functions of a garment when deciding what to offer our clients.
The garment needs to be versatile and this kimono is definitely that.
Swimsuit cover up, over jeans, shorts and a t-shirt or a light wrap.
This kimono is super on trend and we give it a giant XO! Staff Fav.
Allow 1 to 2 days for shipping
Hand wash, hang dry
One size fits most
Disclaimer: This picture is not owned by our company. The photo was provided by the maker of the garment we sell. The kimono in the photograph is identical to the garment we are selling but we imagine the makers are not the same.

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