Magic Scarf. Swear!

$ 8.00

Bohemian Head Wrap. The Magic Scarf
If you do one thing awesome for yourself today - do this…get the Magic Scarf!
We have been waiting for these to arrive for almost a year!!!
Finally they are here. 
Cotton Knit Magic Scarf.
Amazing Quality.
Hand Crafted in The Himalaya's, Fair Trade.
This Magic Scarf is awesome!
We Promise.
We are laughing because once you get it ... you will wonder how you ever got along with out this crazy thing!
This is the Perfect Hair Wrap but it is so much more!

This cotton knit scarf is called the magic scarf for a reason and our clients love this item. 

Use as a handy head wrap straight out of the shower, beach or pool. Magic Scarf also fits around the neck as a snuggely scarf but we love it as a super hip head wrap & the bonus is that in the winter it converts to an awesome earwamer as the temperature drops.

Wear it as a hair wrap, gator neck warmer and even as a waist trimmer & shirt length extender. The possibilities are endless.

This beautiful item was created by artisans in Nepal and we are changing their lives by supporting their craftsmanship. Since 1984 Our partners ave traded with small independent producers providing a fair wage and good working conditions. Together, we create stable well paying work and long term relationships to help build healthy families and strengthen communities. Thanks to our awesome clients it is working!


Dimensions: 7″ x 28″

All of our cotton, knit and woolen items are hand loomed, hand woven and 100% Fair Trade.

Assorted colors available.  We are out of the purple and can't get any more.

We love all of the different colors they sent us.

They are all super cool and we love this item!

Machine or hand wash, dry flat or hang dry.

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